Wedding Photos in Durban

Our culture is firmly grounded in our people – in who we are and what we believe.  Raven Fire photography specializes in wedding photos in Duran and believe in team work, supporting and encouraging new ideas and striving to be and do better every day.  We all come from different backgrounds and all of us have our own unique skill sets and creative framework.  Together we share an enormous wealth of knowledge and passion for photography.  We are curators and creators of the most beautiful timeless wedding photos in Durban.  We Are Better Together.

We appreciate all of the in-between moments.  The moments you forget all of the noise, the moments that are not forced or posed.  We believe in prompting not posing and we produce dynamic wedding photos in Durban

We are passionate advocates of shared knowledge and education. That is why we carefully hand-pick and meticulously train all of our photographers.  Each member of the team brings their own valuable knowledge and creative skill set to the team.

We strive to capture organic moments and the raw genuine emotions of a wedding day.

We are creators of elegant, editorial-style and magazine-worthy wedding photos in Durban. Each image is made with a striking balance of creative attention to detail and photo-journalistic style.

Why Work with Us

We are a small tight knit team of image makers. Over the past years we have carefully built a proven approach to wedding photography that has led us to become the industries’ gold standard. This approach is driven by the music that moves you, the cities that inspire you, and most importantly your own unique story. Our style is timeless, cool and has a distinctly candid and cinematic approach.

Our team

Each photographer is supported by a diligent full-time team dedicated to client services, here to support your every need. We pride ourselves on impeccable service and attention to detail, making your wedding day a stress-free success by doing everything in our power to pair you up with the best photographer and produce impeccable wedding photos.

Raven Fire Photography is a full-service photography studio. We pride ourselves on a dedication to produce high calibre wedding photos in Durban while keeping our clients stress-free and relaxed. Our all-star photographers are backed by an internal teams of customer service representatives, photo editors, retouches, designers and project managers who take care of everything from album printing to day-to-day business activities.