Wedding Photographer in Durban

Creative Wedding Photographer

Being a wedding photographer is not just about taking photos. Raven Fire Photography believe the experience is just as important, especially since your wedding day is not a photo shoot, it’s one the most important days of your life. Raven Fire Photography aims to make sure that you and your other half look at your best in each and every photograph, We find the easiest way is realising that the more fun you have, the better the photos. It’s simple really, there are no tricks needed, just yourselves feeling relaxed, comfortable and enjoying being in the moment.

Wedding photography has changed over the last few years, with all the modern equipment and a lot of creativity, it has been taken to a whole new level. We are wedding photographers that strive in their work to create something really special for our couples as well as finding true emotions and real interactions. Those little moments often last only for a split second and it’s an amazing feeling to be able to make them last forever!

Dynamic Wedding Photographer

In terms of getting to know one another, we always try to meet up with our couples before the big day to chat through everything, but it’s not essential if you’re further afield, a Skype call will do the job! You may notice when browsing our work that we do a lot of pre-wedding/engagement shoots. This is not a ‘must-have’, but we do find that it helps with those ‘Chandler Bing’ moments if you’re particularly nervous about being photographed professionally. Despite weddings following a rough timeline, each one is still unique and sometimes things don’t go according to plan but having the right mind set can really make the difference. Another reason why we like to match well with our couples as a wedding photographer is, so they trust us to make sure they feel in safe hands.

And it’s because we love photography. We get a tremendous buzz from creating distinctly original imagery, and we are always looking to push ourselves to create work that is challenging, interesting, and different. Thankfully couples who book me for their wedding share this ideology and tell us how excited they are to see what we see on their wedding day.

Wedding photography has taken us on a journey which we love, literally and figuratively, and thrown so many scenarios at us that have made us the wedding photographer we are today. We have shot in storms, torrential downpours as well as baking midday sun and apart from needing the occasional change of shirt, have enjoyed every moment of it. Just when you think you’ve got it covered, a new challenge pops up and no two weddings are the same, so we never assume we’ve seen it all!