What equipment do you use?

We use canon DSLR cameras and a couple of different lenses.

Here is a list of our equipment

Canon 5D Mk4

Canon 7D Mk2

Sigma 24-70mm F2.8

Canon 70-200mm F2.8 Mk2

Canon 50mm F1.8

Canon 100mm F2.8 Macro

We use a variety of speed lights and if you open any one of our camera bags you would think we have a serious battery obsession.


What will you wear to my wedding?

We aim to blend in and not stand out.

We wear dark colours, moslty black, loose tops and stretchy but nice fitting pants with really comfortable, cute shoes.


How many photos do you take?

Too many to count! No, we’re serious, we don’t keep count of photos we snap. We shoot digital so there is no worry of film running out.

On average you will receive 40-60 photos per hour of shooting.

All photos are edited for exposure, sharpness and colour.


Do you have a rain plan?

YES! We bring multiple plain white and see-through umbrellas to each and every wedding we attend. Our equipment is weather sealed and there is no reason for us to stop shooting, should the heavens open.


How do we book and how does payment work?

When you decide to book with us, we will send you a wedding contract to be filled out and sent back, along with proof of payment of a 50% deposit.

The balance is due 3 days before the wedding. We are flexible with breaking up payments.


How long do you take to take family photos, we don’t want it to take too long.

We actually work really fast during family photos, right after the ceremony. We work with a list of different traditional family combinations.

Family photos normally don’t take longer than 20 minutes.