Even if you are happy with the answers from the above categories, you may have terrible customer service from your photographer.

Some couples wait 3 months to see their wedding photos! Here is what to ask your photographer to make sure you get a great customer experience:

-How long will it take to see my photos?

If the answer is 8 weeks, ask your photographer to show you the proofs of a wedding they did 8 weeks ago. Don’t get caught using someone who over-promise and under-deliver. Our couples receive their edited images 3-4 weeks after the wedding.

-How long does it take to get the album

Ask your photographer the step-by-step process of the album. Some photographers let brides choose their album pictures, this is overwhelming for a new bride and can take years to complete. My clients get an album preview 2 weeks after their wedding.

-Do you like your photographer

You will essentially be “dating” your photographer for a year. Your wedding photographer is the one vendor you will have contact and interactions with long before and long after your wedding. You want to like them, make sure they have a calm, knowledgeable and pleasant demeanor, someone who you will be happy to have around for quite some time.