Engagement Photoshoot

Engagement Photoshoot in Durban

If you are planning a wedding, chances are you are looking for an engagement photographer for your engagement photoshoot and Raven Fire Photography are the photographers you are looking for in Durban. Raven Fire Photography will help you capture the magic of your engagement photoshoot.

The options for an engagement photoshoot are endless. From themed weddings to exotic locales, to the personalised cosiness of your home the only limit is your imagination. If you haven’t decided on a location yet, then talk to your professional. They will be able to provide you with suggestions for the best local engagement photo locations.

Raven Fire Photography will help to ensure that your engagement photoshoot photo’s look professional. That way when you look at them in the years to come you won’t find yourself cringing because your best friend left a thumbprint on the camera lens.

Did you recently get engaged and find that you’re overwhelmed with planning and organising your wedding, or perhaps you are planning a special event you need help with. Maybe you’ve already taken care of the important aspects but still need assistance on the day to ensure it flows smoothly? Raven Fire Photography can bring to life your dream engagement photoshoot at rates that won’t break the bank!

At Raven Fire Photography, we are a bespoke engagement photoshoot company providing a range of services including family celebrant services. Based in Durban, we offer engagement photoshoots, comprehensive wedding or event planning that take care of every single detail or on the day of coordination, so everything takes places seamlessly and without a hitch. We also give you the flexibility to just choose only the areas you need help with, our competitive hourly rates help you keep control over your budget.

we are more than happy to give you a no obligation call to discuss how we can help make your day special.

We specialise in shooting portraits, boudoir and weddings, approaching every commission with enthusiasm, curiosity and creativity. One of the great joys of the photographer’s life is the chance to be reminded over and over again how every person has their own unique beauty, and we consider it’s our job to capture that on film.

For an observer of human life, there is no better occasion than an engagement or wedding, when the atmosphere is one of excitement, joy and celebration and everybody is looking and feeling their best. Raven Fire Photography find people and relationships endlessly fascinating and love creating eye-catching, intimate images that show authentic interactions and natural emotion; the stolen glances, the spontaneous laughter and the choked-back tears.

Raven Fire Photography have the technical skills and artistic flair to create stunning images that you will love, whether you are looking for a show-stopping portrait you will be proud to display on your walls or a breath-taking wedding album that tells the full story of your special day. Please get in touch to discuss your engagement photoshoot needs and how we can help preserve memories for you.