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7 Reasons You Need Drone Photography on Your Special Day

Wondering whether to invest in drone wedding photography for your special day? You may be trying to decide whether this will truly be a good investment or if regular on-the-ground wedding photographers will get the job done just fine. Although a good photographer will create magical memories, however they shoot, there are a few things about drone wedding photography that make those moments even more memorable. Keep reading to find out how drone photography can help you capture memories to last a lifetime.

Why Consider Drone Wedding Photography?

There are a number of reasons to consider drone wedding photography over traditional photographs and videos. The best way to get photographs that will last forever is to find a photographer who specialises in both drone and standard photography. Some of the ways that drone photographs can enhance the photos of your big day include the following:

1/ Enhanced photographic shots.

Needless to say, one of the biggest advantages of using drones for your wedding photography is the ability to capture enhanced shots from all angles. As drones are not limited by position, they are able to capture a wide range of shots – from high above and various other angles in the air. There are also no flashes to worry about either, which makes for natural shots that are never forced or awkward.

2/ Guest entertainment.

Drones are also very entertaining for guests. Everyone will soon be captivated by the small robots flying above. Once guests relax and get used to the drone, the effect is natural, easy photographs with happy, relaxed guests who are having fun rather than feeling forced to sit or stand still for hours on end.

3/ Increased mobility.

Many ground cameras are large and clunky. Carrying them around is not always easy, which means that most photographers often set up in certain areas to take photos. Drones don’t have to worry about this, instead, having total freedom on where they fly. That makes for plenty of diverse shots.

4/ Showcased location.

On a similar note, you can also showcase your location perfectly. This is great for both images and videos. Shots can include the entrance to the location, the dining area, the vow area, and every other area within the location that you want to include in your photographs.

5/ Ideal for group shots.

Drones are a great choice for group photographs. Instead of having to play the game of trying to force everyone into a single frame, tallest to shortest, you are able to group yourselves in fun ways, with the drone capturing you all from above.

6/ Greater flexibility.

Drones offer a great level of flexibility, which is yet another reason that drone wedding photography has become so popular. Photographers are able to control drones from above, without worrying about getting in the way of crowds at any point in the reception or the ceremony itself. This ensures far more flexibility.

7/ Increased control.

Finally, there is also a great level of control when using drones along with traditional cameras. You can capture a wide range of shots with a drone – even portraits. Used alongside cameras, the result is a beautiful album that truly captures the joy of your big day.

It is important to understand that drone photography has more to do with aviation, than with the arts as they are viewed as aircraft and must abide by laws similar to those governing manned aircraft. It is the couple’s responsibility to make sure they hire a licensed drone operator, insuring the safety of your guests as well as lawful flying. Looking for a versatile wedding photographer in Durban and surrounds who offers a wide range of options? Get in touch with RavenFire today to book our exceptional wedding drone photographer for your special day.