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10 Trendy Engagement Photo Shoot Ideas

The engagement photo shoot is a way to celebrate a huge milestone in your relationship. Although these photos are typically used to announce the engagement, they are also a way to honour one of the biggest moments in your journey. These photos used to be very formal, with a traditional backdrop and classic poses. Today, this type of shoot has become playful and original, giving couples a chance to express their real selves, rather than posing for the camera.

With that said, the new trend for creative shoots can make it a little harder to plan your own shoot. You want these photos to be original and different. You also want them to not feel forced or unnatural. To help you find some inspiration, we have put together a list of our favourite engagement photo shoot ideas.

Get Inspired by These Engagement Photo Shoot Ideas

Looking for some inspiration for your engagement photo shoot? Here are some of our ideas that help you make this special announcement in a way that suits your personality and style.

1. Industrial Chic

engagement photo shoot ideas - couple standing in an abandoned building

Finding a great backdrop is always a fun way to get creative in your shoot. The industrial style backdrop continues to be trendy, giving your photos a modern, edgy look. You can make these even more creative by adding props – balloons, flowers, cute signs or anything else that adds some custom flavour.

2. To the Beach

The beach remains a popular choice for many couples. There are a number of ways to have a beach style photo shoot. You could have your beloved carry you into the water for a romantic wave swept look. You could have a picnic on the sand or get an action shot of you running along the beach.

3. Forest Dream

engagement photo shoot ideas - couple kissing in the forest

Forests and other outdoor locations are always romantic. Depending on the angle, the lighting, your outfit, and the overall vibe you are going with, this shoot can be whimsical, soft, feminine or even a little bit dark. Ask your photographer to advise on the best time of day to achieve your desired atmosphere.

4. Relaxing at Home

While fun locations certainly enhance the shoot, there is something to be said about photographs that show the two of you where you are happiest. Try different shots in various rooms – the kitchen, your lounge, your bedroom or even in the bath.

5. Aerial View

engagement photo shoot ideas - engaged couple lying on the grass

Choosing a photographer that offers drone photography in addition to engagement photo shoots gives you the benefit of aerial shots. These are always original and make an excellent addition to your photo shoot. You can stick to simple poses, such as holding hands or you could try a seasonal shoot in autumn to make use of fallen leaves.

6. Love on the Road

If you take frequent road trips with your love, a road trip inspired shoot is sure to offer something different. You can either have your photos taken at your favourite destination or you could include your trusty vehicle in your photos to capture your spirit of adventure and freedom.

7. The Ring

engagement photo shoot ideas - engagement ring in a tree stump

Of course, not all engagement photos are of you and your love. You will need to include a few of your beautiful new ring. You could go the standard route and have it feature in traditional hand shots. Or, you could do things more creatively and feature your ring with an interesting backdrop.

8. For the Love of Books

Love reading? Both a little on the nerdish side? Celebrate your mutual love for the written word by planning your shoot in your favourite book shop, the library or even with a collection of your best-loved books. This type of shoot is different and quirky.

9. Natural and Sweet

engagement photo shoot ideas - engaged couple lying on the grass

There is something to be said about simple, down to earth photos that show your love without any fanfare. This type of photo is natural and sweet, with no props or poses required. Look for a photographer who specialises in engagement shoots, who knows how to work with you and your love to capture those precious moments on camera.

10. A Family Affair

Finally, if you have a four-legged family member or few, you can also include them in your shoot. This type of photo is incredibly sweet, showing the love that you have not only for each other but also for your furry companion.

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